All you need is an old T-shirt you want to upcycle, some tape and a pair of scissors!

Easy Chevron Fringe Shirt

  1. Take a T-shirt that fits well.

  2. Mark out a chevron point on the shirt with tape. Pay attention to where the point starts and ends and make sure you’re happy with the height of the cuts.

  3. Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.

  4. Make small cuts approximately 1cm apart up to the tape.

  5. Pull each of the fringes to make them curl up and the shirt is complete!

Knotted crop fringe singlet

  1. Take a shirt or singlet that is quite long as the knotting will make it shorter.

  2. Decide how many lines of knots you would like and mark the very top of where you would like the fringe to be with tape.

  3. Cut the bottom fringe of the shirt off.

  4. Cut the fringe in 1cm sections up to the tape.

  5. Take 2 fringes next to each other and securely knot them together. Continue this all the way around the shirt.

  6. Place a new section of tape over the fringe, about 5cm further down, to keep your lines straight. If your shirt is a bit on the short side, you can put the tape closer up but leave a space between the rows of knots.

  7. To make the next row of knots, take one strand of fringe from a set of 2 that you knotted together and knot it with one strand from the set to the left under the new line of tape.

  8. Do this for 2 or 3 levels of tape until you’ve done a few rows of knots. You can either leave the remaining fridge hanging down, or cut it off.

Braided Exercise Top

This works best with a T-Shirt that is a bit too big. The braiding will pull the shirt in a little smaller.

  1. Using a pen, mark out the shape of the arm holes you want for your singlet and cut off the sleeves of the T-shirt.

  2. Poke the scissors through the shirt and cut around the collar at the back, making sure the collar edge stays attached to the front of the shirt.

  3. Turn the shirt over and, on the back, mark a line for how far down you want your braid to go. Cut the back part of the singlet into 3 even sections.

  4. Pull on the pieces to stretch them out a little and begin braiding the 3 pieces together all the way to the end.

  5. When you get to the end, tie the braid onto the collar and cut off any extra overlying material

  6. Pull the braid flat and you’re good to go!

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