Have you ever been stumped for a good, unique idea for a present? Well here is a quick and easy option that is very inexpensive.

You will need:

  • Wax paper (different to grease proof paper)

  • A hot iron and ironing board


  1. Raid your garden (or neighbour’s garden- with permission of course!) for interesting looking flowers, petals or and dry these gently on some paper towel.

  2. Cut 2 pieces of wax paper the same size (1m), lie the first piece with the waxed side face up on the ironing board (the waxed side will be smooth). If you are unsure which side is which, lightly scrape your nail across the surface and some wax will lift off.

  3. Artistically arrange your findings on the paper, cover with the second piece of paper, waxed side face down, and gently press with a hot iron. (Note: for a better result use a dry iron (no steam) and gently run over the top of the paper to melt the wax from the centre to the outside edges).

  4. As you work your way over the paper you will notice the flowers/petals/leaves slightly change colour, this is due to the heat in the iron and the water content in the vegetation. Don’t go over the same spot too much or you will break the paper. Try to get rid of all air bubbles as this will ensure your flowers will keep from turning brown.

You can use this paper as wrapping paper or as a starting point to make bookmarks, lanterns, scrapbooking or other interesting crafts.

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