Prayer is simply talking to God. It still astounds me that the mighty God who created this vast and magnificent universe wants to talk to and listed to me! Praise God for Jesus! His life on earth, His death, burial and resurrection means that we, sinful human beings, are able to approach the holy, perfect and glorious God... and even better, he draws nearer to us.

But just “talking to God” doesn’t sound like helpful advice when trying to work out best way you pray.

When we pray we are imitating Jesus, who constantly prayed (Luke 6:12). Additionally, God’s Spirit, who lives within each of God’s children and plays an active role in the process of prayer (Romans 8:26). This whole prayer thing is a conversation between you and the trinity; God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Here are some ideas to shake up - or start - your prayer life

  • Read what the Bible says about prayer.

  • Ask God for a desire to pray... and keep asking

  • Strategically set aside time to just be with God

  • Start each day with “Good Morning God.” It’s simple but orientates your mind to focus on God as you start the day and are reminded of his presence.

  • Find a Christian you trust and ask if you can pray together regularly. If you fumble over your words, it doesn’t matter. No judgement there.

  • Pray through a bible Passage.

  • Use a prayer journal – just write and write and write to God until there’s nothing left to write. You could also write your own psalm.

  • Grab a copy of your church’s monthly prayer flyer and follow along with your church.

  • Many churches have a ‘prayer book’ - see if you can borrow one.

  • Put some Christian music on and as you sing the lyrics imagine God is right there hearing you praise him, or take out your guitar and jam with God.

  • Start a gratitude journal – start each entry with “God, I am thankful for...” and end it with another “thank you.” In between you list what you’re for.

  • There are visual artists who say they talk with God when they paint or draw. Get creative!

Honestly, my prayer life is far from perfect but I have been working on it for many, many years, trying to discern what does and doesn’t work for me. I can’t sit in quiet contemplation and pray through a massive list of needs – I don’t have the concentration span. However, in a moment I am feeling grateful, I’ll say “thank you God” out loud to thank Him for his goodness. When a friend messages or is physically next to me and needs prayer, I pray then and there. I’ve recently started journaling during my time with God and it’s really increased my trust and hope in Him.

You can have a thriving prayer life and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. So, have fun while you work it out and try new things. I’m sure there is at least one way you can try today.

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