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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

You will need:

- Body/Frame

- Glass top

- Chain

- Clasp

You will also need:

- Diamond Glaze (this can be found at any craft store)

- Wire pliers

- Polishing cloth

STEP ONE: Choose your picture.

Choosing your picture pattern is very exciting! Use whatever you want. I have taken some scrapbooking paper and selected the part of the design that I like the most. Take the glass and rest it over a section of the design on the paper until you find the exact angle and shape you want your glass top to cover.

STEP TWO: Gently spread your glaze over the dip of the glass. Be careful to keep a 2mm gap from the edges as this avoids overflow.

Use the tip of the glaze to spread the glue over the glass. You only need a thin layer, but make sure most of the glass is covered. Once the glue is evenly spread, place the glass over the section of design that you have chosen and press down firmly. It takes a few seconds for the glue to harden, so be careful not to let the glass slide by pressing too firmly.

You will notice some of the excess glue overflow, but just dap at this with a cotton bud gently before it fully dries and clear the edges. Be very careful not to let the glue touch the upper edges of the glass. Once dried, the glue can’t be removed and it will affect the shine of the glass.

Once glaze is cleared allow it to dry for five minutes.

STEP THREE: Once glaze has dried, use small scissors to cut the paper around the edge of the glass.

Once this is done, check your glass and make sure there is no glue left over and that the glass is all clear for final process onto the necklace frame.

STEP FOUR: Take your glaze and spread onto the necklace frame.

You only need a thin layer of the glue on this frame. Too much glue and it will overflow onto the edges of the frame. Again, this will be hard to remove once dry.

STEP FIVE: Place the glass into the frame.

This is where it starts to get very exciting! Place the glass into the frame and press gently. If you press too hard you will notice the glaze starting to overflow. Apply gentle pressure until you are sure the glass is firmly in place.

STEP SIX: Add the chain.

The type of chain you use is completely up to you. Try and match it with the style and colouring of the frame.

Once product is complete, give it a final polish with your cloth and this is ready to wear, gift or display!

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