Holidays are just about over and it's almost time to go back to school. Here are 15 tips to help you survive!

1. Organise your time and manage it as efficiently as possible.

Use a weekly planner to help you organise your days.

2. Study.

Every bit counts. Exams can quite easily make or break your grades.

3. Find some friends.

It can be helpful knowing even just one person in each of your classes. Say 'hi' to the person next to you and strike up a conversation! You never know, they may just end up being your new BFF. But whatever you do, don't change yourself for anyone!

4. Become familiar with your school's map.

Figuring out how to make those precious few minutes between classes count can help you eliminate stress.

5. Don't be afraid to approach your teachers.

You might be surprised how much your teachers can change your school experience. Whether you are struggling with a concept in class, want some constructive advice, or just need to talk to someone about personal issues, more often than not you'll receive great help!

6. Take your own notes

The more you put something in your own words, the more inclined you'll be to understand and remember the information.

7. Don't obsess over body image.

Remember that everyone is feeling just as insecure as you are!

8. Don't fall behind.

If you are absent, message your friends to get missing assignments and homework. Also contact your teachers to find out what you need to catch up on.

9. Breathe.

Remember to take some time out for yourself and talk to someone if you need to.

10. Plan.

Make goals for yourself and keep your mind open to new possibilities.

11. Make sure you have all of your own school supplies.

Teachers find it frustrating when their students are unorganized, and your friends will only lend you their supplies for so long.

12. Get enough sleep.

Teenagers need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time can affect your academic and sporting performance as well as your mood and mental health.

13. Deal with bullies.

Find someone you trust and go tell them what is happening in order to help not only yourself, but any future victims.

14. Look after your personal hygiene.

Puberty causes all kinds of changes in your body, so personal hygiene is essential. Bring deodorant to school, along with a spare pair of socks for sport, and shower at least once a day.

15. Pray.

Your teenage years will be loaded with uncertainty, but know that you are never alone. When things aren't going right, pray. Ask for wisdom when an exam looms before you, or you need strength to get through the day.

Image by olia danilevich from Pexels

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